unisex bamboo tank
re-wired unisex bamboo tank

Re-Wired Unisex Bamboo Tank

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What we know matters, but who we are matters more

- Brene´ Brown

Re-wired is a reminder that we need to resist our current toxic culture of harmful gender scripts and negative attitudes towards ourselves and those who are different from us. We need to live with more kindness, respect, vulnerability, courage, and self-love - both for ourselves and for others. And we need to critically examine the messages we receive daily about how we should look, act and think. The more we work at re-wiring our brains to do this, the healthier we will be individually and as a society. 

This original design is hand carved into a rubber block and then hand printed on charcoal + heather grey unisex bamboo tanks that are ethically made in Canada.

Because they are hand stamped, each print is slightly unique, which we think is pretty awesome! 

10% from the sale of each tee is donated to WiseGuyz, an organization that "engages junior high boys in a weekly program [focusing on] human rights, sexual health, gender, and positive relationships."